PowerGrid Resources - Making A Difference

The electrical grid is getting older and with the proper life extension programs the asset owners can reduce unexpected outages and reduce overall repair cost. The leadership at PowerGrid Resources Inc. has worked in the power grid industry since the 1970’s, having over 100 year of experience and has developed programs that drastically improve the reliability of the electrical system. Through the years we have observed a number of issues that can be eliminated by instituting a range of different construction practices as well as new inspection and repair techniques that will extend the plant life of the system.

PowereGrid Resources employees have been and continue to be very involved in many industry standards committees that looks at cost effective ways to keep the power grid more reliable and safe. We offer a wide range of services to help the asset owners manage the power grid system. We believe in performing work with excellence and conducting business with a focus on professionalism as well as high integrity.

PowerGrid Resources - Proactive vs Reactive

Asset owners have to manage the dollars in the budget in a way that gets the best bang for the buck. Many times there are budget restraints beyond the asset owners controls, which makes us step back and determine where the budget is spent. This is not always easy with an aging infrastructure!

We never want to be reactive because that in many cases means we have had a failure and now have to make sure we don’t have another failure. Being proactive with a true understanding of the system to be managed can be a struggle and an art. However, a proactive program managed in an orderly fashion can be kept within the confines of the budget while keeping the system both safe and reliable.

PowerGrid Resources is A Member of the Public Utilities Maintenance Inc. Group.

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