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About Us

Power Grid Resources Inc. was started in 2015 with a focus of assisting the power grid industry with logical solutions that make the transmission system more reliable and safer. We take this mission seriously.

The management team is made up of industry professionals that have over 90 years’ experience developing, training, performing, and managing transmission inspection and maintenance procedures. By working for a large utility prior to 2015 helps us have a better understanding of the industries budgetary requirement, work quality expectations and many other system liability needs. We strive to provide a service that will ensure the client is completely satisfied.

We have served on and chaired many industry committees to develop industry standards pertaining to proper inspection and maintenance processes. PGR understands how to manage the storm of rabidly aging power grid assets and the hurdles the industry has deal with to maintain the critical infrastructures.

Our team of field crews go through a wide range of training classes each year so that they have the knowledge required to provide exceptional work for our clients. Power Grid Resources Inc. feels that the investment of training our crews is key in performing our work safe and provide our customers a product of high quality.

The management team performs job site visits on a regular basis to ensure safety and quality of the work.

Storm of Transmission Line Failures

Power Grid Resources Inc. will be honest and fair while treating people with utmost respect. We feel these attributes are imperative in the walk of life and are also of paramount importance to running a successful business that the customer can feel confident with. To maintain an impeccable reputation in the industry, the business must be driven by strong deep-rooted convictions and must never compromise those convictions. We demonstrate our understanding of these values, principles and convictions as well as uphold them in every action and decision we make. Trust and trustworthiness must go hand in hand with how we conduct ourselves, as we sustain a culture that is based upon ethical behavior.

We expect our actions to be consistent with our words, our words to be consistent with our core values and our core values to be the foundation of who we are.